Thursday, 10 April 2014

Because She’s Worth It by Carol Fox



I am loving working in my smaller size journal and I am finding it a lot easier to try out different things in it, maybe the smaller page seems less daunting when trying something new, less space to muck up. This week I have a very different way for me personally to colour a page, not new in the world of craft, just new to me, and using one of my must have stamps at the moment, the very inexpensive and so useful “stains” by Kaisercraft.


What I did


·       I started by leaving a blank double page, and then laying a couple of tags on the back of the page I was going to decorate and drawing round them, so I could join the back of the decorated page to one of the previous blank pages.

·       I prepped my page with a layer of gesso and when this was dry I stamped my image and quote on the page, now this I found daunting as I usually colour my page first and then stamp my image and quotes.

·       I now put some spots of acrylic paint onto my craft mat and using paint brush and a swirly motion coloured my background, leaving the main image blank and blending the colours as I went. I painted a yellow patch over my quote and then using a clean paintbrush dipped in water, blended from the centre out to remove most of the paint from the centre so the colour was stronger around the area that would be the edge of the thought bubble.

·       I added colour with a small shaped stencil and then painted the half circles round the three edges of the page.

·       There was a blank bit I did not like above her head so I used a brush and the same colours to add some lines to this before I used one of the new Lin Brown stencils and some gesso to soften the whole thing down.

·       I added a pop of red with a stencil and some paint.

·       I now used a black water colour pencil to draw round the thought bubble, added the little circles and edged the previously painted half circles.

·       I painted my image in a scruffy fashion, before using my “must have stamp” the stains one I mentioned above to add black stamping using an Archival ink pad.


I used 

Black Anywhere Pen
Stencils: Lin Brown PS001, Crafts Workshop Stencils: Mini Love Post and Mini Texture Tile

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