Thursday, 13 February 2014

Wooden Gift Tag by Carol Fox



I am using one of the wooden plaques from the shop today to make a gift tag.


This is what I did.


·       Give it a coat of gesso on both sides of the plaque, I applied the gesso with a piece of cut and dry. Use a heat gun to dry it.

·       Using the Gelato’s like crayons and colour in both sides of the plaque, I used two colours Snow Cone and Margarita Mix.

·       Dip a flat print brush into water and mop it a bit on a towel and then blend the two colours together on the plaque, do this on both sides, and dry thoroughly.

·       Now seal both sides with a multi medium. I used Glue and Seal but any medium of this type will work. Dry.

·       Stamp the flowers using black Archival ink.

·       To do the word Mum, I used the Dylusions Stencil that has the word snow on it. The W turned up the wrong way makes a nice M and letter N makes a nice U and these were exactly the size letters I wanted. I used black paint through the stencil to make my word.

·       Paint the flowers with acrylic paints.

·       Edge the wooden plaque with black acrylic paint, making sure to get the sides totally cover in the paint.

·       Seal with a coat of Glue and Seal.

·       When the black paint you used through the stencil is dry go over the letters with Glossy Accents.

·       I was going to punch a hole in the side, add some ribbon to use as a tie on tag, but now I have finished it I have decided to stick a lolly stick to the back and put it in add to a potted plant for my Mum as shown in the photo.




I used 



  1. What a great idea to up-end the letters.

  2. A clever idea - never would have thought to use it for that purpose.

  3. A really fabulous idea Carol and sure to be treasured.


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