Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hummingbird by Donna Ratcliff

Morning all! So I have a nice painty project for you all today…… here’s what I’ve used….

That Special Touch Mask - Disco
That Special Touch Mask - Hummingbird
Claritystamp Stencil – Alphabet 7x7
Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint – Love Bird, Meadow Lark, Spring Pasture, Beetle Black

1. So start off by using your brayer to apply some red acrylic to your Gelli Plate, lay on your disco mask and then using a bit of spare card remove some of the paint by taking a quick print with stencil still in place. You won’t be using that for this project but keep it for future use. Now remove the mask and using a square piece of card approx. 7” square take a print.

2. Repeat the process but this time with yellow acrylic. You will end up with something like this…..

3. Now clean off your plate and then load up with green acrylic, lay on the alphabet stencil (NOTE lay on the alphabet stencil back to front that way when you take the print the letters will be the right way round! Learnt this the hard way!!!)………..

repeat the process of step 1 and you’ll end up with something like this……..

4. Make sure this is properly dry, and then lay on the Hummingbird mask. Mix a little black acrylic into some clear texture paste and spread it over the design, carefully lift the mask to reveal the picture…….

5. Once this is dry layer it up onto some black card and then mount onto some white card made into a card blank.

If you haven’t had a play with a Gelli plate then you should because it really is a lot of fun!!
Have a lovely weekend and see you next week
Donna xx


  1. A really beautiful and colourful creation Donna.

  2. Fabulous project, I haven't had a play with my GP for a while, I'll have to remedy that, you've inspired me xx Zoe xx


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