Thursday, 9 January 2014

ATC Folder by Carol Fox


I quite often make these little folders and I do receive a lot of questions about how I have made them, So here it is with a short how to and with the odd photo or two thrown in for good measure.

I started with a piece of packaging that came with a set of rubber stamps (what else would it come with lol). I marked and cut this to a size of 26.5 x 7.5 cm.

You now have a long strip of card, mark this a intervals of 8.5cm, 11.5cm,1.5cm and the end piece is 5cm. This card is straight, it's just the camera angle making it look a bit wonky.



Score along the lines, rub out any pencil marks and then fold as in the picture to get your cover, punch two holes as shown to put eyelets in later.


I now flattened out my cover and decorated it. I coated it with gesso, added lots of paint, blending on the piece of card as I went (any paint will do, I just used a fairly basic acrylic with a good flow). I added interest with stencils, paint and more gesso. I used a piece of Cut and Dry to add the colours through the stencils, keeping the paint layer thin so the surface would be easy to stamp into. I then added my rubber stamping, masking as I went and using an Archival ink. I added eyelets to the punched holes.


For the little pockets inside, I used 6 wage envelopes, these measure approx 2.5 x 3.5 inches (the same size as an ATC). Cut the flaps off and level the tops as shown in the photo.


I now stuck these together using DST or glue so they formed a concertina pocket type thing. (Technical term that) see photo.


Attach this to the inside of the cover, using DST or glue and positioning as shown. On the shorter side of the cover only, go up to the eyelet hole with the DST, or else you will not be able to get the ribbon tie through the hole.

I used 

Paper Cutter or Craft Knife
Ribbon Scrap


Enjoy your day,
Carol x


  1. i adore this. hope i get time to give it a go

  2. Thank you Carol. That's really lovely.. I should use your how to one day I think!! x

  3. Impressive project, Carol--and a clear, concise and totally brilliant tutorial! Thank you!

  4. Great little project. Might have to give it a go sometime as all my ATC's are thrown in a box !!
    Corrie x

  5. Love this Carol, and a great tutorial, I ever understood the technical bit lol. Thanks so much for this xx

  6. Gorgeous concertina pocket - thanks for showing us how it's done. And the depth in those gorgeous purply blue layers is wonderful on the covers.
    Alison x


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