Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Season’s Wishes by Lynne Moncrieff



I am sharing a project which sees a return to the WISH stamp which I have used twice previously, once on an altered star box and the first time it made an appearance as part of a collage with a winter theme. It is possibly the smallest stamp on the Oxford Impressions Sleigh Bells plate yet such a lovely little stamp it is.

This week I have used the stamp for a Christmas decoration although the mini canvases on easels are something I have also sent as an alternative to a Christmas card.


Guipure Lace and Lace Scraps
Foamcore Board
Metal Frames



The canvases are exactly the same only differing in that I embellished one Prima Natural Bark Icon Star and the other with Studio Calico Wood Veneer Starbursts.


It isn’t necessary but I always like to apply Gesso to surfaces I will be working on.  Apply Gesso to both the canvases and easels followed by Sea Lavender then dry brushing Antarctic. At this point apply Gesso and Antarctic to the metal frames and paint book text with Gesso.

Metal Frames:-

Stamp wish onto prepared book text.

Randomly apply Luna Silver Mica Flakes to the metal frames (I used Gel Medium as my adhesive).  Adhere pearl stickers then layer the frame onto wish.


Adhere lace into the recess.

Randomly apply Gel Medium to the frames of the canvas then generously sprinkle on Cosmic Shimmer Mica Flakes Luna Silver (add only a hint of Precious Gold).  At this stage adhere the metal frame into the recess.


Apply gilding wax to the Studio Calico Starbusts, Tiny Star and Prima Natural Bark Icon Star then add lots of sparkle with the mica flakes before embellishing with pearl stickers.

Finally, adhere guipure lace to the easels and all that is left to do is prop the canvas onto the easel and display in your home or package with love to send a Season’s Wish to someone in your life.

Until next time.




  1. so pretty, loving all the glitter as texture

  2. Hi Lynne, This is so Beautiful...Love all the glitter & fabulous snowy blue colour.... the detail is fantastic....Love the great tutorial....Hugs May x x x

  3. It's beautiful Lynne. Such a lovely idea...I may have to borrow it! xxx

  4. So beautifully frosty and sparkly, Lynne. And great use of one tiny stamp.

  5. Beautiful and delicate with wonderful details. A perfect gift

    Hugs Annie x

  6. Oh my Lynne, how gorgeous with all the glitter and sparkle. The Antarctic is such a wonderful cool, wintery colour and those mica flakes are fabulous. What a wonderful gift this would be. Hugs, Anne x

  7. Stunning vintage beauty Lynne, love the festive sparkle on this beautiful piece!

  8. Wonderful. Wonderful Lynne, As always a very striking piece. Love all the details.
    Hugs Vada

  9. It`s so lovely and magical,-I love all the mica flakes you used to give sparkle, and light, and sign and star whish also makes promises about a beautiful feast to come.
    So wonderful dear Lynne.
    xx-O Dorthe

  10. What a beautiful idea as an alternative to a card. This must look lovely on the mantel-piece. Julie Ann xx

  11. just love the mica flakes Lynne.

  12. Just beautiful. The mica flakes are stunning and the colour so subtle but frosty and seasonal.

  13. What a beautiful, softly sparkling creation. I love the blue and the touch of lace and fabrics.

  14. So delicate and beautiful, Lynne - I love the depth of the inset frame, and you're definitely leading me into temptation with the Sea Lavender!
    Alison x

  15. Absolutely gorgeous, Lynne! Love it!

  16. Really beautiful Lynne and love both the texture and lovely subtle sparkle.
    Fliss xx

  17. Hey Lynne - you always make my heart sigh. So very beautiful - I need to look into this frame!


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