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The Puppet Swings Alone by Alan Scott


This is a project that has been inspired by the Tim Holtz Distress Paint's. I have to hold my hand up and say 'I'M IMPRESSED!' I know, I never ever thought I would say that but the paints are wonderful, even when diluted several times, Oh and speaking of paints - you have to go to That's Craftys paint section. There is a selection of paints by Martha Stewart that can be used on GLASS ~ WOOD ~ CARD ~ FABRIC.. Indoors and Outdoors. The price is a GIVE A WAY. As you can see by this photo, I was that impressed that I bought almost all of them.


Anyway back to the project. Like I say, when I got the paints I knew I wanted to use them in some way. So this is one of those projects that I went into without any idea on what or how it was going to evolve into.



Pages from an OLD Book
Selection of Brushes (I have finally bought the brush set from Claudine Hellmuth and they are a nice complete set of brushes. If you're setting out then these will give you a good foundation of brushes)
White Tissue Paper
Ruler Heat Gun ~ Scissors ~ Craft Mat ~ Pencil ~ Eraser ~ Paper PiercerPalette Knife
2 Set of type face stamps (you use what ever you have in your stamp collection)
Kaisercraft Clear Stamps ~  Film Edges ~ Hessian ~ Alphabet (I was so impressed as soon as I saw them I had to buy 9! Perfect for backgrounds)
Collage Glue (much better than standard glue when it comes to layering papers etc.)
Dylusions Stamp Set - Dependable Dotty 
Foam Double Sided Dimensional Tape
Luminarte Ink - Sky
String and a Bamboo Kebab Stick
12 x 12 Sheet from my project book and some masking tape



The first thing I always do when I'm working in my project book is... Yes you're right.. protect the spine so that nothing is transferred onto past projects or new untouched paper surfaces. 

Once that was done and I had ripped out the paper from a book that I bought at a car boot sale and the best glue I have found is a collage glue. It's a very good strong glue that does not dry quickly. It is also a very good protective layer when used on top of the layer you have been working on. 

Now then this must slowly becoming a trade mark. Yes the white gesso. This helps with the paints that's going to be used on top, as well as giving a distressed look when you wipe away some of it to show what's below.


Like I mentioned in the intro, These paints were something that I didnt even think about buying a few weeks ago but by chance I watched a video on YouTube and I saw what they can do. So armed with this weeks paper round money, I bought a few - I WAS HOOKED! they are very, very impressive. The first thing I did was to give the gesso'ed layer a quick blast of water - this would help when I started to move the paint around the page. 

The top right picture shows the finished painted page. I wanted to add something to the page and that had to be a layer that was translucent but also gave the layer a sparkle so I used the Luminarte Ink. 

Now we can start to build up interest - for this I used a new stencil and some Dylusions Spray Inks. Their inks are pure and very strong. You can leave them to dry on their own and you're given a deep hue, however here I used a roll of kitchen towel so the depth of colour isn't deep but it's good enough for you to see.

I came across a stamp from Kaisercraft called Arty several weeks ago. It's been used in a few of my projects as it's a very good basic background stamp that can be used in many ways. So you can imagine my delight when I saw several others from this company on the That's Crafty web site. 
The next question was what ink pad do I use that will complement the background I had created? So I pulled a few out and placed them on the paper. This way I could see what I was going to use. 

For the wording stamp, I opted to use a ink pad called Ripe Persimmon (sorry about the photo, it was late at night and the lamp was a little too close) but this is a wonderful bright colour that matched the orange and the yellow colours. 

The Photo Edges stamps (there are 4 in the set), I opted for Dusty Concord. This was a complimentary colour that stood out yet didn't clash. What I'm working towards is colours that work together and not 1 colour to stand out so much it spoils the others. 

Finally I went for a darker colour Chipped Sapphire. This time I did a kiss stamp. After inking, I stamped onto a sheet in a journal book and then stamped onto the project. This would give me just a hint of the blue but not the deepness.

I wasnted to build up the top section. I have already by using the lines in the stamp set created a base. Now it was the top. This is at first, going to look like that phrase we all have heard 'A Dogs Dinner' to start with but keep the faith. Using the leaves stencil from Dylusions and a green Distress Paint, I started to stencil through the stencil, not being too careful as to how much paint I placed onto the surface. 

The picture on the right show what it looked like after the stencil was removed. As you can see, not quite as we want it.

Armed with the same stencil and a black marker pen, I went round the edges to give some definition - it was starting to look like a leaf. Selecting two complimentary colours to the green and a small brush from the brush set, the next thing was to highlight the leaves to give them some warmth and light.
Using the brighter green on one side will help give the viewer some indication of where the light is coming from, then the darker colour will give you the shadows. You don't have to use a white and a black to do this. You also don't have to be careful when you're adding these colours. Nothing in nature most of the time is perfectly symmetrical i.e. no two leaves are the same so don't beat yourself up if they don't look the same. 

To finish the top section I added some glitter paste. If you don't have this make then I have pointed you in the direction of a very good alternative.


Lets start making our puppet. For this I have used a very interesting set of stamps from Character Construction Clearly Constructed Stamps. I do like my stamps that have the dress form. This set of stamps (and they are a nice large stamp!) are going to be perfect for the upcoming projects I'm going to be doing. As I was using water based colouring mediums, I opted this time to use an oil based VersaFine ink.

When it came to constructing the dress, I wanted to try something a bit different. So armed with some white tissue paper and 3 complementary Ink stains..

Oh I forgot to mention the mister bottle as well. First I just saturated the tissue paper with the ink stains. Then gave the surface a few blasts of water. By doing this it would help the inks to become saturated and start to blend into each other. 

To keep some of the colours as they were and for them not to mix up into one colour, the heat gun came out. By doing this I was able to keep the colours and as it dried it helped cause lines, which was an added bonus.

Using a pair of scissors, I cut out strips that were approx a third or the width of the stamped image. Using the same glue that I had used when securing the old paper to the base layer, I knew it would give me some time to help position the tissue paper and not rip it. It was also going to act as a sealer to the tissue paper. 

The picture on the right shows the final made up image. This was originally stamped out two times. The top layer was coloured in using Distress marker pens and a little bit of a glossy medium was used to highlight the bow. The tissue paper still allows us to see the stamped image below yet gives us the feeling of texture and depth.

The figure needed a head, so for this it was right back to the Dylusions set of stamps. The colouring was again done using Distress Markers. There is one hidden extra, a grey one that's from another brand that I forget now but I use this for edging. The image is now ready for cutting out with a pair of sharp tipped scissors.

The Distress Paints are not just for card etc but they have also been used to colour in the brads.

I made the hole for the brad to fit into so that the arms and the body became 1. The picture on the right shows the final figure with movable arms.

I opted to use a fancy Alphabet stamp set along with a plain simple type face for the wording. After I had cut the words out, using a pair of distressing scissors, I selected 3 different hues of ink's so that I could colour the words in but keep them individual. 

When they were then attached to the project with some foam double sided mounting tape, I selected a broad nibbed pen and a black Indian ink and just did a scratched frame around the wording, to give them a holding and they didn't look as if they were floating on the page.

The same tape was used down the centre of the stamped figure, in fact there are two layers of tape to give hight. The outside of the figure was secured into place by putting a thin bead of glue around the outside edge and then pressed into when it was secured on the page.

The final thing to do was to glue some string onto the arms and then secure onto a small bamboo stick. This was to give the impression of a puppet. No great time was spent doing this, as I want to give the puppet a feel that it was handmade and not a professionally bought/made one.


There you have it, a project that started out by buying some paints. It's strange where a creative path can take us. Any questions send me a message and I will do my best to get back to you.

Take care and happy crafting.


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