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Steampunk Butterflies and the Meadow by Alan Scott


This project started out as one thing but ended up completely different from the original concept. So that's why I wanted to upload this one to show that you don't have to be afraid of letting a project take you on a crafting journey.

The main focal stamped imagery is a set of stamps from IndigoBlu called Poppy Meadow.

The template used is a Crafter's Workshop 12 inch template. A wide selection of 12 inch, as well as 6 inch templates from other manufacturers are available from That's Crafty! 


12 inch Square Canvas
12 inch Crafters Workshop Template (Spring Meadows was used)
Selection of Acrylic Paints (to colour the moulding paste to desired colour/hue)
Packet of Old Watch Parts
Small mixing utensil and a mixing tool (I used a wooden coffee stick mixer)



Like I said at the start, this was going to be a bright, in your face with lots of bright colours..


However I was just not 'feeling' how this project was going. So I placed it to one side walked away and then after a few hours looked at the canvas again.

There was only one thing to do.... pick up the white Gesso and then 'knock' back the deep rich bright colours, taking it back to what I felt was a blank canvas.



A few projects back I included in a project how to make your own spray paints using acrylic paints, water and a Mod Podge blending agent. So why not use these to make an interesting background to start all over again. As you can see, I have don't the 'drips', which is becoming a trade colouring of my projects.

Using equal amounts of an acrylic paint and a moulding paste in a small utensil, then using a wooden stick, I combined them both until it was all one colour.


Using a 12 inch template, the next step is to place the mixed paste over the 'open areas' of the template. 

After the paste had been placed all over the template using the spatula, it's left to cure for 2 minutes. Then carefully lifted from one corner, then when 1 inch from the canvas, the opposite corner is lifted using your free hand. 


This is what your left with. Just allow to air dry. You could force the drying time by using a heat gun but by doing this you can make the paste crack in areas.
Now it's time to get creative again. Using the butterfly stamp, I stamped it out 3 times onto good white card. As I was using water based colouring medium, a pigment ink was used. By using this form of ink, it allowed me to use a water based colouring medium and the stamped lines wouldn't fade or be washed away.

The colour mediums and tools to be used for the butterflies are shown in the photo on the left. 
Using 3 pens in 3 different sets, I coloured in the stamped out butterflies. To highlight them, I used the glitter pens just to give a little highlight and to be only seen when the light reflected from them. You don't have to use a lot, just a thin line or a small area of dots.
While I was waiting for the butterflies to dry, I started to tidy up as you do when you don't want to.. I came across a small plastic container and inside of it was a collection of old watch parts that I had bought over 12 months ago. That's when it hit me... I could make the butterflies different from just the original way I was going to do them. For this I had to then locate my pick up tool.
The finished butterflies. By just adding a few watch parts, it completely changed the whole look of them. This could be used on almost any project.
I hope that you find this project interesting and I might inspire you to maybe look at your normal stamped images and think 'I wonder if.....?'
Any questions please send me a message and i will get back to you as soon as possible.
Happy Crafting



  1. Very pretty. Like the bleached out tones.

  2. Such a beautiful background, and the textured flowers are lovely.
    Alison x


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