Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Silver Gears Frame by Alan Scott

I am lucky enough to have an electronic die cutting machine in my crafting arsenal. Out there, there are lots of projects that can be made for the house, like this project I'm able to cut out and then construct a one off frame to use.
There is one thing to cut, glue and then display proudly or give away as a present to someone. However why do you have to just accept that what you have constructed has to end there? This is why I did this project, as I wanted to show that by using a stamp and a few embellishments ,you're able to upgrade that project to something else.
To embellish this frame, I used a large figure stamp from what is slowly becoming a firm favourite from Lynne Perrella by PaperArtsy. This stamp set is called LPC006 and the coin is from LPC009 




The frame was constructed out of 3 sheets of 12"x12" card stock. If you want further information about this, then please send me a message and I will do my best to help you.
Now then, we have constructed the frame and it's sitting there ready for what we are about to do.

The first thing we need to do is to select the image that we are going to use to embellish this newly made frame. I felt that this image would fit in perfectly with the materials used to make the frame. 
I have not really explored what the FlexMarkers do. The FlexMarker is more like using a 'brush tip' and once I got the feel of the pen, I found them to be easy to use and they add the colour to the page very easily.
After the stamp had been coloured, the next step is something I tend to do with all the stamped and then coloured in images, use a blue-grey Pen. Using the pen, I edged the image and removed out the white surrounding area. By colouring the white, it then helps blend the stamped image into the project you're working on. White stands out and it will just look like you have cut it out and glued it onto the project and not look as if it's part of the project. So I recommend that the blue grey pens are a MUST HAVE in your crafting box. Remember though, always pick the right ink pad when using alcohol pens.

After the stamped image had been coloured and cut out, I wanted to give some extra highlights. So armed with just a glitter pen, I followed the edges of the frill. Not all of the frill, just the outer line. 
I wanted to make the image highly glossy as this protects the stamped image from being scuffed and marked - it also gives the image strength to stand up to being picked up and handled. 
The photo above shows you what happens to an image when it's embossed. As you can see, it has darkened. By showing you this, it will give you the understanding and your choice of colours when you're going to do this kind of crafting. 
I took the coin stamp from the stamp set and stamped it out 3 times onto some silver card stock. iIhave done 3 as the golden rule of 3 will always apply when it comes to crafting, as well as other decorative arts. 
Using a 1 inch circle punch, I punched out the coins from the silver card stock. 
Using the dabber, this time I put a layer of embossing liquid onto the coin, then dipped them into the Ultra Thick Embossing Powder. I used thick as I was going to 'flood' the bottle tops with embossing powder. if I had used ultra fine, it would have taken me a very, very long time. Ultra thick allows you to flood an area very quickly.
As the frame was constructed using card stock, by putting on several coats of Mod Podge, I'm able to give the frame some strength. It's also a lot easier than having to emboss the complete frame! 
There you have it! By dipping our stamp collections, you can make something plain very special. Now then, you don't just have to use a project constructed out of card. I'm sure there are lots of us out there who enjoy digging around for that bargain in Charity Shops or Car Boot sSles. You can embellish a wooden frame or even a plastic frame can be up-cycled to fit into anything you want it to. 
So don't think that this project is just for a frame constructed from card. I just wanted to show you that anything can be embellished and also encourage all those electronic die cutters out there, that projects can be embellished using what you already have in your crafting tool box.

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