Saturday, 9 February 2013

Butterfly Paper Cast by Laura

Items used: 

I first saw a project using paper casting in one of my mixed media books. The technique is using normal household tissue and water. The tissue is spritzed with water and then pressed into rubber stamps to form a cast. I used a brush to make sure that the tissue was well pressed into the stamps (this needs to be done gently, or the tissue will tear) and I used several stamps with textures on them (the Tim Holtz singles would be good for this) just randomly placed on my craft sheet. I used about 7 layers of tissue (each layer being thoroughly wetted) and then carefully lifted the cast off and allowed it to dry.
When the cast was thoroughly dry, I drew round an mdf butterfly shape and cut it out. I then sprayed the shape with Dylusions and used glass glitter down the middle.
When I did this originally, I only used water on the cast. Then when I used my mists on the dry cast, the layers started to come apart. I then saw a fab project in March Craft Stamper magazine by Trish Latimer and she used glue on her layers, so I decided to try Matt Medium. I used a mixture of the two - 5 layers with water and then then final 2 layers with Matt Medium. This worked well and the tissue stayed together when I sprayed it with the mists. I also sprayed the colour with some water when it was nearly dry and blotted it, to give some light and dark contrast.
I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with the finished butterfly cast yet but I think I may use it on a canvas. 



  1. I've done this with loo paper before - great fun. Love the deep hues.

  2. Really gorgeous Laura. Great texture and 2 of my favourite colours too.
    Fliss xx


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