Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Vintage Lady Canvas by Alan Scott

1 12"x12" Canvas
Print out of Victorian Steam Punk Lady
Dylusions Large Stencil Diamond of a Border/Chequered Dots
Studio 490 Wendy Vecchi - Art For You LCS093
Oxford Impressions - London Telegraph
Dylusions - Further Around The Edge

Stampers AnonymousClassic Favorites - Classics #6
White Stamping Card
Neenah Classic Crest Card

Selection of Water Colour Pens ie AquaMarkersTim Holtz Distress Markers
Archival Ink - Jet Black (always use this when working on canvases as it is waterproof)

Dew Drop Brilliance - Galaxy Gold/Starlite Silver/Moonlight White
Selection of Pan Pastels (Orange/Brown/Red)

Dylusions Ink SprayCrushed Grape
Mod Podge - Matte

White Gesso

Kaisercraft Stamps - Grunge Font
Black Line Pen (waterproof)
Selection of Acrylic Paint Colours (for back ground) ie Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints
Silver Foil Sweet Wrappers
Selection of various width Brushes
Brush Cleaning Pad (perfect for cleaning brushes after using glues etc)
Spray Bottle filled with water
Craft Knife and New Sharp Blade 
Craft Mat 
Cutting Mat or Glass Mat
Sharp Tipped Scissors 
Heat Gun 
Cosmic Shimmer Clear Varnish Lacquer 
Can Cheap Hair Spray
The first thing we have to do with any new canvas is to 'prep' it. A layer of Gesso will help the inks and paints move a lot easier on your canvas. You can also mix the Gesso with paints to make the paint stretch further and you're not having to remix a colour three quarters of the way through.
I like to let the Gesso air dry and not take a heat gun to it, this is just a personal thing and I tend to prep all my canvases as I buy them. I also look at the £1 shop or such like they sometimes have wonderful offers... I bought 4 12"x12" for £4.35. I know they were not tight as a drummers drum but by using the M.D.F square I had made that the canvas slips over, this helps me in my stamping so no worries.
When the Gesso was dry, I put down a layer of colour where I wanted a feeling of fire, with the browns, orange and red's but you can make the background whatever colours you want. Now then, the part where you will have to sit down in a calm place relax and become one with your craft knife! Taking the print out, try to cut as close to the black line as possible. The best way to attack this is to mentally section the print out and just cut out that section. It's a lot easier than trying to cut out it all, so take your time, relax and go for it. After you have cut it out place, it in a container where it's not going to be damaged, ie a A4 plastic container.
Lets now have some fun, stamping and stencilling the canvas. It's very easy to become ridged in what you're doing. Some people find it hard to just go for it and not worry if all the stamp has not been transferred. In Altered Art, it doesn't matter if part of the stamp is missing or if the stencil has bled. Just take a deep breath and go for it.

A little bit of good strong glue like Mod Podge will secure almost everything you want to throw at it. When you're stamping the canvas, please don't forget that the edges need work doing to them. Here I have stamped, stencilled and used some coloured stamped images that I cut out, again as close to the black ink line as I could.
Next to be done, was to secure the Victorian Lady into place, just off centre  When this was dry (I left it to air dry as I wanted the glass dome in the image to look like glass) a layer of Clear Varnish Lacquer was added.
Next I stamped out 'VINTAGE' using a Grungy looking type face, then ripped it out. Now then, the wonderful Pan Pastels. They are a dream to work with and they just make any crafter/artist look good when it comes to blending. I used 3 different colours to make the white card blend into the overall colour pallet of the canvas. A quick blast of bog standard ultra cheap hairspray, fixed the colours, so they wouldn't wipe off.
I took a black nibbed pen and went round some of the stamped items that I wanted to stand out more. Also some of the water coloured stamped images where I had cut a little too close to the colour by - adding a line it made it look uniform.
There you are, I hope that this canvas will inspire you to dig out your paints. When I started to do this form of Art, the first thing I did was to go through my stamps and stencils and place them all into a container. That way I knew I had my core tools to hand and I didn't then spend hours trying to find a stamp and then become frustrated. By having everything at hand, that leaves you more time to be creative.
Any questions please send me a message and l will get back to you as soon as possible.



  1. A fab make, full of life and colour! Trace. X

  2. Love the colourful steampunk look to this.

  3. A fabulously inventive canvas Alan. The colours are wonderful and the amount of detail is just awesome!
    Fliss x


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