Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Gilded Set of Fans by Alan Scott

This project was inspired by the purchase of several pots of IndigoBlu Mega-Flakes. The way lIwanted to use them like a lot of projects, was when I received a set of stamps from called Bird Song 2 by Graphic 45.
3 x Sheets A4 black card
2 x A4 Sheets gold mirror card
3 different sets of IndigoBlu Mega-Flakes (just use the one if that's all you have)
IndigoBlu FlitterGlu Starter Kit (highly recommended to start using these wonderful highly useful flakes)
Large circle Spellbinder die (again if you don't have these I will explain in the method of making what you can do)
Length of black ribbon just a little larger than the width of card
Several lengths of gold metallic thread
Very strong double sided tape
Dimensional tape
Good sharp scissors
4 x Card Candi gold embellishments (a crafting must have!)
Brilliance Galaxy Gold Ink Pad

The first thing you need to do is open up the starter kit from IndigoBlu and just look at what you have in front of you. The FlitterGlu is very good and will remain tacky for a short time (I don't know the exact time but if any follower would like to share this information for us all, I know it will be received with thanks). There is also a very good stamp cleaner which is safe to use on all your stamps. Myself, after I have used the cleaner, I then use a clean fresh baby wipe and give the stamp a good cleaning with that as well so that all the glue is then removed.
Now then, when the Mega-Flakes come to you, they are in a small'ish pot (2 and a half inches across and 2 inches tall). You will need to decant this pot into a medium size sealable tub (mine are approx. 6 inches in length and 4 inches tall as the flakes will expand a lot!). I would suggest that you give the tub inside a dusting with your your Dust Buddy or if you don't have that then a dusting of Talc. When the flakes are put into the tub, you will find that the anti static that surrounds lots of objects will aid in making sure that the flakes end up into the tub and not all over your craft room. It's not easy to chase round trying to collect them. Trust me, I have been in that position myself and it took weeks before I managed to clean the place up. Even as I type this, several keys have a wonderful gold overlay!
Right back to the card.....

The fan stamp comes in 2 parts - you have the main outline and then the inside decorative element. I found the best way to go about this project was to do the flakes first and then over stamp with the fan outline. I'm not going to go into how you use the flakes and how you stamp with them. I have put in a link here so that you can go to a video and then watch how they work. This will allow fellow crafters who are new to this style of crafting. Others can refresh or carry on.
Now then where shall we start? Firstly, I used my Dust Buddy and wiped the surface of the card. Then I stamped out the inner part of the fans using the FlitterGlu then covered this with the Mega-Flakes I wanted to use. I started to build up the colour and then using the Scoochy Foam, removed the excess and put it back into the pot. This was repeated with each of the stamped images. I did one extra, as I wanted to layer up one of the fans.
When I had the 3 images, I used the Galaxy Gold ink pad (this gives the best gold impression I have found and it's also very juicy) to stamp over with the fan image. When they were dry, I cut them out and placed to one side.
Now then, I am in the position to be able to use a Spellbinder circle decorative die. I understand a lot of crafters are not able to do this. You can just cut out a circle and then maybe use some fancy peel offs to make the circle edge stand out and become more interesting and not just a flat surface. If you don't have any peel offs, then maybe using a punch and some gold mirror card, punch out some embellishments and use them either whole or trimmed down to make them go further. Then I secured the circle layers onto each other using clear glue.
The last thing to do was to take a black circle of card bigger than when the fans were placed into place. These were then secured into place using clear glue. The extra fan had the dimensional foam placed onto the back and this was then placed over the corresponding fan image.
The final stage was to attach the ribbon. Securing the black ribbon first, this was secured into place by using strong double sided tape. I cut the gold thread to just over the width of the card - there should be 8 in total. We will only use 7 and use the remaining one to tie a knot and cover that knot with a Gold Card Candi. To secure the thread, place some of the double sided tape on the back of the card or the back of the facing page, then taking each strand in turn, lay onto the tape and make sure they are anchored well. As there will be some tape exposed, we can hide this by putting some tape on the back of black or gold card and then secure that over the ends of the threads. Repeat at both ends. Then using the last thread, just decide where the knot will be, tie up, then trim right back. A splodge of the good strong clear glue will secure and make sure the knot will not untie.
Place a gold Card Candi over the knot and place 3 more in the top right corner.
There you are, a card made from just using 3 fans as the stamped image. The flakes must take all the credit as they will follow any image that has been impressed using the glue. Just as good as any stamped image.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween ATC Holder by Mandy C

Take a 12 x 12 piece of card and follow the instructions on here. You can use patterned paper if you like but I used cream and spritzed it with various Dylusions sprays.


When you are securing the sides of the ‘booklet’ make sure your double sided tape is very thin (I’ve used the red double sided) otherwise the ATC’s will not fit in.

Make some ATC’s to match using spritzers, inks and stamps (I’ve used the same
stamps as mentioned above).

Edge the whole book with chalk inks and use a white pen to highlight.

Attach a ribbon around the booklet to keep it closed…. Et voila!

Monday, 29 October 2012

This is the Life: Mail Art by Deborah


I have never altered an envelope before so this is a bit of an experiment. I think it turned out okay for a first attempt and I certainly enjoyed making it and want to do more.
I used an ordinary DL (business) envelope, stamped in Jet Black Archival Ink and used various ProMarkers to colour everything, including the background.
First I stamped the tag from Stampers Anonymous Classics #10 to carry the address. Along the bottom I stamped a border using the stripes from Claudine Hellmuth Domestic clear stamp set. Then I added the little journaling stamp from My Mind’s Eye - Follow Your Heart - Be Amazing top right for the return address. The postage stamp frame is a free cover stamp from a recent Craft Stamper.
On a separate sheet of white paper I stamped Mary Vogel Lozinak’s Top Hat Birdie (Queen Kat) twice and Catslife Press This is the Life, coloured them with ProMarkers, then adhered them with a glue stick. (If I was a better stamper, I could have stamped them straight on the envelope but I’m not that good at positioning rubber stamps that don’t have the image printed on the reverse.)
The arrows (which are stamped with StazOn Pumpkin) and starbursts are from My Mind’s Eye - Indie Chic - Ginger - Pictures; the stars are another Craft Stamper cover stamp; Zepplefish Post and Par Avion are from PaperArtsy Hot Pick 1111.
I coloured the background with Lime Green ProMarker before stamping the stars, starbursts and words. I used a black ballpoint pen to edge some of the images and also for doodling the small decorative circles.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

New Design Team Member

We are very pleased to announce that Carol Fox is joining our Design Team. We would like to wish Carol a very warm welcome and Carol’s first project will be on Thursday, 1st November.


Saturday, 27 October 2012

Steampunk Clock by Laura

Items Used: 

Clock Kit
Gold Acrylic Paint
Tim Holtz Distress Markers 

Firstly, I covered the cardboard clock base with gold acrylic paint, then layered on some PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Crackle Glaze and then added a layer of Eco Green Crafts Acrylic Paint - Sand. I wanted a “grungy” look, so I wasn’t particularly careful when putting on the layers of paint and crackle glaze. 

When dry, I stamped the Steampunk Hats with VersaFine, then coloured them in with Distress Markers and Letraset Metallic Markers. As I would be covering the whole lot in Matt Medium, I used the metallic markers for their colour rather than for a metallic finish. Next I added some micro watch parts to give a 3D element, using Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue. It doesn’t show up in the photo but I also added Glossy Accents to the 2 clock faces on the hats.

I had already spritzed through the clock mask from the set of mini masks with Dylusions Ink Sprays, so I cut this out and glued it to the centre of the clock base. I painted the cardboard numbers with a Black Soot Distress Marker and then pressed the numbers onto a VersaMark Watermark pad. I then sprinked them with Sticky Stuff and heated until the Sticky Stuff melted, then I dipped them into some gilding flakes. I left them to dry and then rubbed the excess off with my fingers, as I wanted some of the black background to show through. I also added some gilding flakes to the clock hands. 

Finally, I glued the numbers onto the base and covered the whole lot with matt medium, making sure not to cover the clocks covered in the Glossy Accents. You do need to be careful when using the Matt Medium though, as the Distress Markers can run.


Friday, 26 October 2012

Soul of the Rose Cushion by Paula Tidman

I was thrilled to see that That's Crafty! is now stocking Oxford Impression stamps. They are fabulous quality and the photo stamps are so detailed and stamp beautifully. The Soul of the Rose has to be one of my favourite stamp sets.  
As an avid collector of fabrics, I have found that some stores will often let you have fabric sample books for free when they are no longer required. The fabric used to make this cushion was out of one of these free sample books.
I cut two squares of fabric 30 x 30cm and set aside. I stamped the gorgeous image from the Soul of the Rose onto TAP using Archival ink and then carefully coloured with some pale marker pens - Distress Markers will work also. If using ProMarkers or alcohol based pens, you need to use Memento ink instead. Watercolours work well too but you have to be careful not to damage the coating of the TAP.
I then ironed onto a small piece of cotton canvas (any white or cream cotton fabric works well). I then stamped Catslife Press Amour Defintion onto a small scrap of linen. Both pieces of fabric were then sewn onto the front of one of the fabric squares. Then I placed the fabric squares right sides together and stitched around all four sides leaving a four inch gap to turn the cushion the right side out. I stuffed the cushion then hand stitched the four inch gap.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Style Is by Alan Scott


This project was started by me looking at a set of stamps and then saying "Okay Alan, how many can you do?' So using the elements of these wonderful stamp collections called Ladies Diary 1 and Ladies Diary 2 by Graphic 45, that's what I've set out to do.

1 Manila Folder (New)
A5 Sheet of Good White Stamping Card 
Adirondack Espresso Ink Pad
Spellbinders Ticket Die (See below for more information)
A5 plain coloured backing paper to match the stamped topper
12" x 4" strip of patterned paper
3 lengths of ribbon (1 wide then 2 that can be layered but seen when flat)
2 - 3 buttons
Large Edger Punch plus a Corner Punch (they can be part of a set but don't worry if not)
Water Brush

Heat Gun
Good strong positional clear glue
Distress Ink Blending Tool

Okay, what or should I say how, did this card come about? Well I was playing with the stamps just inking them up and layering them down just building up shapes and blocks  This was the result of one of the 'crafty playing sessions'.
I took the main text block from the Ladies Diary 2 and then with some careful placement, I used the decorative panel from Ladies Diary 1, so it became a large block and was not just a text image on its own. Then I placed the female stamp on top to complete the stamped imagery. While the ink was still wet, I took an almost damp water brush and just pulled in the colour. I didn't add any fresh colour only the stamped ink was used. This just gives it a faded colour look and not overpowering which can happen if you add extra ink from the pad. I then cut this out using a Spellbinders Ticket die. Now then, I totally understand that some crafters out there in Crafting Land are not able to add these items to their crafty stash. So if you have a collection of corner punches then you can make some decorative marks onto the stamped image. If you're using two different punches, try if possible to get two that are complementary to each other.
This again carries through to the plain backing paper you pick, to back the inked topper on to.  Don't think you can't do this because you don't have this punch or that punch. In the past, I have drawn round a template and then cut it out so that I could make an interesting corner embellishment.
After I had built up the card and topper (oh by the way, the margin from the topper to the edge of the base layer was half an inch), the next step was to make the card. I didn't want to use a white card base and then have to colour it or use another sheet of very valuable paper (all crafters papers are very precious to us!), so I had a look around and then it hit me.. I wonder if a cut down manila folder would make a card? YIPPIE, it did, so lInow have another reason to buy them and not just for my cut out embellishments! I trimmed the folder down to 11" tall and 7 inches wide. This gave me a very elegant tall card.
Taking my patterned paper, I used a decorative punch down both sides. By doing this, it covers the manila folder and to me, takes it away from being an office folder. Again don't worry if you're not in possession of a larger edge punch, a single decorative corner punch with a bit of paper manipulation can give an interesting decorative edge. Use your scrap white paper so you can get a feel of how it's going to work out and then when you're happy, go onto your picked paper. Then all you have to do is with a good photographic clear glue, secure into place. This type of glue allows you the time to move and reposition the paper while its still on the card. It gives you some time before it sets.
As it was going to be tall, I had to balance it out at the bottom. So I used my trusty ribbons. By layering a wide one down first, then a smaller thinner weight ribbon, topped of by a quite brash in your face ribbon, this would give the base a grounding. I didn't put a bow into this card, as it is modern in theme and style and I decided to go with a knot just using the two top ribbons.
Three decorative buttons were added on the side. I used some Mother of Pearl's that l have in my button box. These were secured into place along with the single knotted ribbon with good strong clear glue.
Any questions please send me a message and I will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Octopode Steampunk Tag Book Part 3 by Mandy C

I’ve made a 6 page tag book, featuring some of the Octopode Steampunk people. The dimension of the tags is 2.5cm x 4.25 cm. See Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


What I used:

Lime StazOn

      Spritz a tag you have cut out of white card.  Leave to dry.

      Stamp Cinnamon with black Archival, heat set and then colour with watercolour pencils. Leave to dry then cut out.

      Using the Dylusions background number stamp, and lime stazon stamp randomly across the card.

      Stamp the train from the Vintage Inventor set along the bottom and the speedometer from the Vintage Illusion set on the top left corner in Coffee Archival.

      Adhere Cinnamon to the tag, go around her with a watercolour pencil. Stamp the words down the edge of the tag.

      Edge the tag with the chalk ink. 


What I used:

Watercolour Pncils                                                                     

      Cut the tag size out of white card, using your craft mat and the Distress inks, make your background using the wrinkle free background. Dry/Leave to dry.

      Stamp Alfie with black Archival, heat set and then colour with watercolour pencils. Leave to dry then cut out.

      Stamp with black Archival and the Script stamp along on edge lightly.

      Using the Vintage Illusion set and Coffee Archival stamp the train and the triangle.

      Adhere Alfie and then stamp the ‘travel’ word along the side of the tag.

      Using a watercolour pencil, go around Alfie to make him stand out.

      Edge the tag with chalk ink.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Tea Party Tag by Deborah


Nothing to do with the American political Tea Party – just a tag featuring the fun new Lil’ Tea Pot stamp from Mary Vogel Lozinak for Queen Kat Designs Stamps.

Take one kraft tag (mine is very similar to Ranger Inkssentials Surfaces Kraft Craft Tags #5) as your base.

Stamp the Lil’ Tea Pot, Kaisercraft Wood Grain, Let’s Party from My Mind’s Eye – Indie Chic – Ginger - Pictures and one of the tea cups (x 3) from Jill Taylor’s Tea Pots and Cups by Personal Impressions in Cobalt Archival Ink on white paper.  Cut them out and glue onto the tag with a glue stick or adhesive of your choice. Stamp the bunting from My Mind’s Eye - Follow Your Heart – Be Amazing across the tag.

Thread string though the hole and attach the ends to two mini tags available from stationers (or use a die cut). Stamp a teapot from the Jill Taylor set and the stars from My Mind’s Eye - Follow Your Heart – Be Amazing in the same Cobalt ink.

You could attach the tag to card blank - or write an invitation to tea on the back and send to a friend.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Retro Hallowe’en by Mandy C


This week on Sunday Postcard Art we are having a Retro Hallowe’en theme. Come over and join in!

My postcard is made with a mixture of stamping and a collage image. I used the Tim Holtz plate Hallowe’en Silhouettes the background on this is fantastic as it’s so large.  Also the cat and the bat from this set.

The background I spritzed with Dylusions Fresh Lime then stamped over with the background using Cactus Green StazOn. All black stamping is done with Ranger Archival Ink.

I added some chalk ink around the edge and a stamped cobweb and trick or treat words and a dash of white pen highlights. Check out the That's Crafty! Hallowe’en section here.
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