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Memories Note Folder Combo by Alan Scott


I wanted to do something different this time round. I have a few electronic die cutting machines, however I have only used them to cut out layers and simple embellishments. I have always wanted to explore the options offered to me via the Silhouette web site and projects that you can purchase for as little as 99 pence. This was one of the projects I downloaded and it came in one download. Some of them can be in as many as 2 or 3 downloads.
The stamps used to embellish the project were once again from my fav stable of stamps Dylusions and the main stamps used was How Does Your Garden Grow along with using a mixed collection from the other stamp sets I have for added decoration.


Download Cutting File
2, 12 x 12 inch card stock
Selection of papers from your 'Cutting Pile'
Adirondack Ink Pads - Espresso and Pitch Black
Selection of colouring materials ie Alcohol Pens - Sakura Pens - Marker pens
3 times 2 foot of Cord or very thin ribbon
4 times small lengths of ribbons for Journal tags
I have used the Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine


The first thing to do is to cut out the design. This took 2 sheets of 12 inch card stock. For this I used some backing card that was used to protect some card stock I bought. I don't throw anything away as you never know, when it can be used. Also the 'Kraft' paper look is in vogue and gives you that Rustic aged look.
The next step was to have a look at what was cut out and then secure with a good clear glue the flaps that indicate where the glue goes and then secured into place.
To decorate the pockets, I dipped into my scraps box and then used 3 different papers to cover the pockets. You don't have to do this, you can leave them 'bare' it's your project so it's your call on this.
When I had covered the pockets it was time to start decorating them. I wanted to use a new stamp collection that I had bought How does your Garden Grow. You can build up several scenes with these stamps. Using my colouring medium, the next step was to colour in the impressions. To give extra highlights, the Sakura pens were used in a complimentary colour ie green was used for the leaves, gold was used for the yellow beaks etc.
Using other stamps from the same designer, I stamped onto each pocket. Some were the How does your Garden Grow to keep a theme moving along, other pages were done using the edging stamps. These were coloured in again using pens and alcohol inks.
Now I have used alcohol inks, as this is the medium that goes well with theses ink pads. Always make sure that you use the right ink for the right colouring medium. If you don't, you will find that the stamped impression will bleed into the colour and it can end up a mess.
The part of the project when it comes to decoration, is a pure personal one. Be inspired by what you see but try to put your own personal slant onto things. While it's nice to see a project that has been copied step by step, it's always nicer to see a project that has been given a different treatment.
Now then, while I was doing some research into how some other crafters have decorated and made their Memories pockets, I came across the wonderful art of the paper beads. It's a wonderful crafting area and I'm looking forward to building up a large collection of beads. The ones I have used here are some of the first I have made. They have not been varnished yet - this is something I'm looking forward to over the coming weeks to take them to the next level. I have seen some of the finished results and you can't believe what results can happen. I recommend highly that you do a search on YouTube and take a look. The best paper bead template on the market is available from Thats Crafty - it's something I can highly recommend to add to your crafting mask/template collections. It's also at a very very good price that's not going to break the bank.
This project when cut out, is in two parts, with a flap at the front that when secured into place, covers the side securing parts. To do this, I took the tread and threaded through the two holes that is included in the design. A good layer of glue was placed on the spine and I tied some thread into a knot. This would be covered up by the front flap, so it didn't have to be tidy! Beads were then threaded onto the threads - you can place charms etc. Several knots and then some glue secured the knots when I trimmed as close as possible.
There you have it a keep sake or something that can be made to pass on as a present. You can include photos onto the Journal panels and give to someone as a keepsake or something can that can go into a bag and shown to friends when you want to share something of yourself/family or something you have done or place you have been to.
I hope this might inspire you to try something like this. I enjoyed making it and will be making a few more to give as presents in the coming years.
Any questions please ask and I will do my best to help.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. My hope for 2013 is that more people join in our wonderful world of crafting.
Have fun and take care.
Best wishes to you all .............

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  1. What a fab little book! I like how've made the background plain and pale, unlike the usual colourful and busy Dylusions style. Really shows the stamps' versatility.


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