Friday, 5 October 2012

Grunge Wedding Card by Alan Scott


I wanted to do something different for a Wedding Card. This set of stamps by Kanban gave me the perfect opportunity to do something different. This set is called 'Vivienne'.

A4 Blank Card Made up
Glossy Photo Paper
Backing paper (one of my own designs so please read the Angel Policy for my designs)
CLICK HERE to visit the download site and feel free to download and use
ood Length of Wide White Ribbon (I have not given a length as your bow will dictate the length of the ribbon)
Silver Thread/Cord
Moldable Paste - I have used an Air Dry one. You could use Fimo if you can't find this. I'm sure a thin layer of that good old stand by Bread Doe will work if its a thin layer
Silver Crafting Paint
Silver Leaf - Gilding Flakes

Craft Mat
Kitchen Roll
Good strong clear glue 
Double sided tape 
Paint Brush 

Construct your A4 card and then print out the downloaded paper - I have printed this on a semi glossy paper to give a more expensive look. There is not a lot of things to do to make up this card. The hardest part of it is making the topper.
Take some of your moulding paste and roll out onto your craft mat. Then using your stamp, make an impression into the rolled out moulding paste. The best thing about this is that if you're not happy with the first result, just pick it up and roll out another layer to try again. Like all things, it's very rare that the first one works. It kind of does but you think mmm not sure and then 10 attempts later you're thinking 'Oh why did I not use the first ONE!' and then the next impression works, I guess they call it Sods Law - I just call it Crafting lol.

The following day the stamped impression was dry, so I could now paint it. I used a 'Dry Brush' technique. This is when you load up your brush lightly and then on some kitchen towel gently remove some of the paint. Then you FLICK over the lines that had been made by the stamp. Then when you're happy with the finish, paint the rest of the mould and leave to dry.
When the topper is dry, you need to work out placement and then the lace/ribbon and how much is needed. You can do this part in one of two ways.
1. Secure equal lengths - one on the back of the card and the other length on the inside of the front. Then bring together and make a bow. Secure into place with a good dollop of clear glue, trim.
2. Secure a length of ribbon at the back and at the back of the facing card front. Don't make this tight, as you're going to take some thin cord where you want the bow to be and make a knot. When your bow is secured on top of this knot, it will look as if its all been done in one piece.
All that's left to do is secure the topper into place with the strong glue. Leave the card flat to set, as the weight of this topper could drop and not set in the position you wanted.

There you have it, a different slant onto a Wedding Card that's a bit out of the norm and any Happy Couple would be happy with.


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