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Travel Card by Alan Scott

The main image on this card, is a rubber stamp by JustRite Stamps called Vintage Travel Background. This stamp is promoted as a background stamp but as you can see, it can also be the main image. I have designed the backing paper that is featured on this card and it's available as a freebie download.

A4 card base
A4 stamping white paper
A5 sheet gold mirror card
A5 sheet of fake leather paper
12" strip of paper for the Tim Holtz Ticket Die
Tim Holtz Ticket Die
Walnut Stain/Old Paper Distress Ink
6 brown buttons
18" of binding tape
Clear glue 
Water painting brush 
Copy of FREEBIE Paper
Coffee granules
Clear embossing powder
Gold glitter pen
Selection of water based colour pens 
Heat gun
Clear embossing Ink/VersaMark Pen
Deckle scissors

White tile for mixing water inks

First you will need to download the backing paper FREEBIE and print it out (please see my Angel Policy here). Stamp out 1 of the whole of the image and then 2 more just using the watch- key and label area, with Walnut Stain ink.  These will be the layers that we are going to colour and build up the design. When they are dry (use a heat gun to give it a quick blast), using a water brush and making sure it's not soaking but not to dry, start to just blend a few of the lines so that it gets that worn/aged look. After I have worked on a small area, I blast it with a heat gun so that it's dry and does not continue to bleed and then loose the lines.
Next I took the Old Paper Ink and my distress tool and distressed all the edges. This was then followed with the Deckle Scissors, to again give it a rough look. If you don't have those scissors, carefully ripping along a faint line will give you the same look.
When it comes to layering, I'M SO TIGHT with my best card/paper so I tend to 'GUT' the center. This is when I turn the card/paper over, so I can mark out the size of the topper and then using a ruler, I come in a few cm and then cut out. This way I have something I can use later, even if it's just to mount a phrase or small image. So start to build up the topper layer by layer ,so that you have the gold mirror card at the bottom. You can place good strong double sided tape on the gold mirror card.
Now then, we need to start work on our binding tape. Make up a solution of very strong black coffee in a safe HOT WATER container (have to protect myself - H&S and all!). Then after you have cut the tape to approx size (maybe a little bigger), we can squish but we can't extend here folks. We want the edges to be frayed and worn.
When that's done, place the tape into the container and then WALK AWAY FROM THAT CONTAINER once the tape is covered there is nothing we can do but WAIT!
Lets' now start work on our layers. With a good pair of scissors, we need to cut out the images from both our stamped images. The middle layer does not have to be cut out as much as the top one - I will explain later. So when you're happy with the way it looks and you have cut it out, using the Walnut Stain Ink pad, just go over the white edges from the side of the paper, if you're lucky enough to have a Tim Holtz Distress Marker, use that or even a very dark brown water brush pen is fine. Using either dimensional pads or clear thick glue, secure into place, making sure it's raised up just a little. Put aside.
Now then, the next layer is where we are taking it to a more finer layer. Cut out the same as we did for the first, however this time, we need to cut out the hole in the KEY and the WATCH and to do this, you need a sharp craft knife or a very good pair of decoupage scissors (which l don't have lol). Then taking the Gold Glitter pen, make a few marks onto your white tile. When there is a small amount, using the water brush again, mix the gold ink so that it's thin, pick up and start to build up colour around the key, label and the key. We don't want to cover the stamping colour, we just want to give the impression that it is a metal. Then using the coloured pens, lay out some colour on the tile and thin out with water. Just start to lay a slight hint of colour on the label, maybe a light blue and a bit of red for the funnels, remember - it's aged, it has to look like it's been around the world on a cruise liner!
Now then let's go and rescue our binding tape from the coffee. If it has cooled down, then take out the tape and squeeze the water from it. Have a look and see if it has aged and has that "battered" look. No it's not quite there? Okay this can be fixed. Lay it down on a washable surface, then picking up some coffee granules, just sprinkle them over the tape. What we are trying to do, is what we do when we work on paper. It's to make some areas darker and flecked. Leave to dry - don't hurry this process, so you may have to leave it over night to dry.
Okay back to the top layer. Using the Post-it, you want to make a mask just of the clock face and the label. Cut out and then lay the mask on top of the coloured layer. Then using give the open area a layer of embossing Ink. Remove the mask and then place a layer of clear embossing powder onto the coloured layer. Using a heat gun, carefully with the aid of the tweezers, melt the granules and then repeat this process 3 times or as many as you feel is needed. You can use the VersaMarker to build up the parts that you couldn't do with the mask, like that part that is between the key top. When you're happy and it looks right, secure into place using the glue or those pads.
By now, the tape should be okay and ready to be secured into place. If you're in need of just a little extra distressing, then edge the edges using the Walnut Stain Ink Pad. You don't have to be to careful and it will not matter if you get some on the facing side. Make sure you attack the ends and 'DUFF' them up so they are more distressed and add some of the ink to make them a little darker and older looking.
The next bit is something that I did but I don’t feel is an important thing to do. You could now go one of three ways on here. I used the Tim Holtz Ticket die along with my Big Shot and some scenic paper. You could just use some very small luggage tags if you have them or you could just leave them off - I don't think doing the latter would spoil the overall card at all.
I secured the binding tape across the card with clear glue in a syringe and placed 3 buttons down each side using the same glue. The main topper was placed at an angle, as I didn't want a square on look. The look I was after, is as if they had been thrown onto a table and the tickets were from a pocket.
Well there you have it, a card made from a stamp that was designed to be a background stamp. I hope it inspires you to try and look at your stamps in a different light.

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