Tuesday, 28 August 2012

3 Little Mermaids Tags by Mandy C

What I used:

Some of these (available from stationers)



Gold gel pen
Oddments of handmade backgrounds

As you know, I am altering these little Study Card Tags ~ when I’m making other items, I usually have some left over backgrounds. So if they fit over one of these cards then I use it for a background. That’s what I have done with these 3 cards.  You can of course start from scratch or even use background paper if you wish.

      I’ve used a shell type stamp and the Aquamarine ink to stamp onto the background of each card.

      Using Black Archival and the Mermaid stamps, stamp the images onto the study cards. I found that some of the background was too strong so I then stamped the Mermaid images onto some white card, and cut out the bits I wanted most prominent on the little tag.

      Stamp some words onto your tags.

      Colour the white card stamped images with some watercolour pencils, I added some gold gel pen too.

      Draw a black line around each card.

      Edge with Night Sky chalk ink.

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  1. Hmm, I've been dithering over getting those mermaid stamps. They look lovely on top of your scraps of homemade papers.


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