Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Friend is like an Owl Card by Alan Scott

This card was constructed using 3 stamps from the stamp set Hocus Pocus by IndigoBlu.

A4 card blank
Print out of the backing sheet (this is available for download by clicking here)
Dull gold/metallic coloured card stock for layering the words on
Martha Stewart Leaf Strip Punch - if you don't have this punch, then any leaf/branch embellishment will do
Corner Rounder
Normal items from the crafting cupboard: scissors, heat gun, metal edge ruler, craft knife etc.

Now then, for me this is a simple card to build up, as it's only built up using our stamping skills to rely upon.
Taking the spiders web stamp, ink it up with the Smokey Gray ink and just stamp. You're not after a masterpiece on this, as it's just the backing sheet. Stamp off the edges aswell - overlap a little. No one is going to go ‘OH LOOK THEY HAVE MADE A MISTAKE AND IT'S TOTALlY RUINED THE MASTER PEICE!’ So relax, enjoy yourself and just stamp away.
I know some crafters find random the hardest thing in the world to do. So if you're not comfortable right away, then try it out on scrap paper first, until you're happy with the direction you are going. Then remember the golden rule - a quick blast from a heat gun, not only drys it but also fixes it.
The next part of the card is the owl. Ink it up well with the Espresso ink and just make an impression onto your card. Another quick blast with the heat gun and we are ready for the last stamping part - the wording. That again is also stamped using the Espresso ink pad.
Now then, we have to decide what size of margin we are going to leave around the inked images. I have not said you must do it this size or that size. This is YOUR CHOICE. Some crafters like a small margin around their work, some a larger one. So you decide and then trim. Remember to allow for the corners - I would practice on some scrap paper first.
Taking your DInk Blending Tool and the Tea Dye ink pad, start to build up colour onto the edges of the spiders web, owl and wording stamped images. By using a craft mat, this helps hold the ink and helps you move the ink onto your card. If you just laid it on some paper or a green cutting mat, the ink would hold and it would not help you in the movement of the ink. When you're happy with your edging, a quick blast once again ..... (need I say any more? lol).
The next project we need to do, is make our leaf embellishment. It's not a problem if you feel you can't do this because you don't have that particular punch - there are always ways round such problems and we have a leaf download here.
We now have all the components to make our card! Secure the backing paper onto the card followed by the spiders web. As you can see, it's at a ‘jaunty angle’, so for those who can't do this for the fear that it's not a straight line, please try it. Relax and let that side of you that always says ‘IT'S GOT TO BE LEVEL!’ take a holiday. I'm not mocking, as I know from experience that some artists don't like random. We can relax a little with the main owl image, as that's going to be secured into place level with the whole of the card. This then kind of dictates as to where we then place the text. Place a layer of double sided foam pads onto the back of the wording and then place onto the card.
Now then, all that's left is the leafy embellishment. When you secure this into place, make sure that when you do place it, it brings together all the elements. This is a way of anchoring the whole thing.
Any questions please send me a message and I will do my best to help you.
Happy Crafting,



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