Thursday, 31 May 2012

Medieval Antiqued Box by Deborah

I recently bought some nesting box ‘blanks’-  made I think, from a very lightweight balsa wood -  from a discount store. I covered them in roughly torn and crinkled pieces of lightweight aluminium tape (similar to Ranger Metal Foil Tape Sheets).
I then ran a Pitch Black Adirondack Paint Dabber over the foil to give it an aged look, wiping most of it off before it dried. Where I was a little heavy handed with the black paint, I simply swiped over it with Encore Ultimate Metallic Ink.
Next I applied fake studs with Cosmic Shimmer Black Pearl PVA.  It looks so easy when Sue Wilson does it on television but I found it quite hard to keep them a uniform size. This might have been down to both the shiny surface and the curve of the lid, plus the hot weather. Once I had put the PVA in the fridge for 15 minutes or so, it became easier to use. Once the PVA had set, I swiped the metallic ink over the studs.
Next I rolled out some polymer clay using a poly roller. I used black oven-bake clay but air dry clay would work just as well. Any colour will do because you can paint or ink it. I cut into it with a spade shaped metal clay cutter and pressed a TPC Studio Fleur De Lys stamp into the clay. I then swiped the metallic ink lightly over the surface before curing. I glued my fleur de lys onto the box lid with silicone glue.
I chose to work with black and silver because that’s what I had to hand and I think it would make a great gift box for those ‘difficult’ men. But the box would look equally good with a rusty, bronze or verdigris finish – just change your paint and ink colours accordingly.



  1. this is brilliant. very inspired. never used clay before but i think you've inspired me to try it out

  2. Amazing, you would never guess how it first started out! Love the ruffled texture around the sides. Brilliant xx

  3. Me likey lots & lots its fabulous. xx

  4. Owww like that :)
    Von x♥x

  5. This looks fabulous. A great technique.


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