Friday, 18 May 2012

Manila Tag by Alan Scott

I had this stamp in my collection for a month or two. It's a stamp from Lost Coast Designs called 3 Flying Flower Girls.
I have been playing around in some die cutting software and during this time I designed a large tag that's available for download here. When I was looking at the tag I had cut out, I knew what stamp in my collection would make an interesting image. However, to make it stand, I didn't want to start making a flap at the back that had to be cut out, etc. The cats were playing with an old toilet tube. Then it hit me. THERE WAS MY CARD STANDING UNIT! All I had to do was flatten it a little and secure with double sided tape!

To cut out the tag - all I used was a manila folder. These are a great source of strong card that can be used to build up with other crafting stash. They are also cheap if you shop around!


Manila folder, toilet tube & old shoe lace
DYE based ink 
Selection of Gelly Roll Pens ie: Gold, Glitter, Gloss (aim for colours close to the ProMarkers you are using)
Fine tip marker Pens in complimentary colours
Phrase stamp of your choice (I used a set of separate letters stamps)

Distress Inks for edging - I used Rusty Hinge, Vintage Photo and Weathered Wood
Pointy end tool to make the stitched holes
our normal crafting stash items ie double sided tape, scissors, pricking mat, heat gun


Firstly you will need to download the folder file here. The folder contains files that are easy to use in Sure Cuts A Lot 2 and 3, eCraft Pro and Silhouette Studio. I have also included a PNG and JPEG file that will allow crafters who do not have a die cutting machine. Just print out and then use it as a template.
The Mmnila folders do come in several colours, however they do tend to be flat colours. I tend to buy the buff or tan coloured ones in bulk.
Place the card into your cutting machine and press cut after you have loaded the file. There you have it, a large tag that can also be made smaller - it's up to you as it's a freebie!
One of the most important tools I have in my collection of must haves, are two stamping frames from Friskars called 'Easy Stamp Press'. They make stamping so easy (this will be shown again in the next project I'm doing where your stamping has to be done very, very carefully!).
Take the stamp and then using a DYE based ink (I have used Memento Tuxedo Black), stamp onto the tag. If you're going to use water based colouring mediums, then you will need an OIL based ink pad like VersaFine. Press quite hard, as the manila folder does drink the ink as it's quite porous. It's best to give the stamped image a quick blast with your heat gun just to to 'fix' it. You can also at this time while your inking, stamp your wording.
Now it's time to play!!!!!
Taking the colouring method of your choice, start to colour in. When I had finished the colouring of the stamped image, I highlighted the image with my Gelly Roll pens and started to give some gloss or glitter to the wings, legs, boots etc. Also to give a strong high light, I used some fine nibbled felt pens. They can give a nice line and confirm an area of colour.
The final part of the tag building is the fake stitching. Take your time using an old mat or just several layers of paper (an old phone book is perfect for this!). Go round the edge not being to perfect. After all it's got to look hand stitched. When you have done this, take a Gelly Roll Pen or a Marker Pen and go round the holes to make it look like thread. Saying that, if you're happy then you can take a needle and thread and go round using that method. It's what ever you're comfortable with. After all crafting is fun and not a period of labour lol.
Now then the toilet roll …. Turn the tag over and find the centre of it and draw a faint line down the centre. Take the roll and flatten it a little. When you do, you will find that the roll will dip in to a dome in the centre of it. Using this as the centre of the roll, secure some strong double sided tape onto the tag. Then using a ruler, turn onto it's side and then butt up to the base of the tag, place the roll onto the tag. Using the ruler as a base this way, you should find it easier to get the roll level and it will stand up and not fall down when stood up.
There you have it a stylish tag made up from a used toilet roll and a office stationary item. As they say ……
Hope you have fun and enjoy using the file. Any problems send me a message and l will do my best to help you out.

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  1. Beautiful tag. It looks like leather! Love, love, love the 3 girls stamp.. must add that one to my wish list.. thanks for showing us how to.. Gez


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