Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Old Curiosity Shoppe Card by Alan Scott


This card was made using stamps from Graphic 45 called Olde Curiosity Shoppe 2. They feature wonderful Victorian/Steam Punk style Images. The bottles can be over stamped with various wording, so one stamp can lead to 5 or 6 different Images.


1 Set of the Graphic 45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe 21 sheet of A4 white card
1 6ins x 5ins semi gloss card. The card must be able to take a water colouring medium and  be moved on the paper to mix and shade
1 black ink pad  (At the moment I'm hooked on Adirondack)
Selection of AquaMarkers or what ever watercolouring pens/pencils that you have in your crafty stock
Baby wipes
Plain brown wrapping paper
Silver foil (I used the top from a milk carton)
A Happy Birthday stamp
As a crafter l throw nothing away, so I had a wooden peg that I removed from a card I received. All I did was age it using the Walnut Stain Ink
Spellbinders Label Cutting Die
Backing sheet - I had some fake snake skin style paper that fitted in perfectly
Normal crafty items: glue, scissors, craft knife, metal edged ruler, craft mat etc.


First l took my brown paper and then crumpled it up. Then carefully unfolding it, l secured on to the white A4 card stock. Then using the Walnut Stain, l carefully rubbed over the brown paper to highlight the folds and creases.

The bottles were first inked and then separately embossed with the clear embossing powder. I did each one separate so that l could get a good clean embossed image. After they had been embossed, I re stamped the bottles with the wording stamps. Again, I did this so l got a clean embossed image. I used a low heat on my heat gun as I knew I was going to do a lot of embossing and did not want to warp the card too much.

When all the embossing was done, I took my watercolouring pens and started to colour in the images. As the card was a semi gloss, l could move the colour from the pens around and mix in the colouring, giving a very nice blend. If there was too much water on the card, I controlled the flow using a baby wipe.Using a black and watering it down, I was able to give the bottles shadow at the base. This anchored the images into place. When each bottle had been coloured I gave it a blast with my heat gun just to ‘fix’it.

When l was happy with the result, I used my Spellbinders die and cut the shape out. Then using the Walnut Stain l gave the edges a light staining.

All that was left with the images was to build up the card, making sure each layer was in the right position. For this, l used a photographic style glue which did give me some freedom of movement.

Now then the bottle top. Using my Alcohol ink and blender l re-colored the silver into a silver/bronze coloured surface. Then after l had drawn around the die, I stamped the phrase ‘Happy Birthday’. As it was a metal, this ink is the best due to the nature of the surface of the material. I then cut the die out using my Grand Caliber. Using the wooden peg, I clipped it onto the die. Then using a strong clear glue, I built up a small mound of the glue so that when it was placed onto the card, it would be level with the peg when secured onto the card.

There you have it - a card that can be given to any member of friend of the family.Hope you like it and if you have any questions, please ask away.



  1. Fab card, love the rainbow effect on those perfume bottles, terrific. xx

  2. Wonderful colours there and I love the fact that you can interchange labels. Great x

  3. Wonderful card! Makes me want to get my heat gun and embossing powders out - don't use them enough.

  4. That's a gorgeous card Alan :o)

  5. Great card. Those bottles are SO cute. Thanks for sharing how to..


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