Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Steampunk Card by Alan Scott

This card took a bit of thought as to what I wanted to do. I had taken delivery of a GREAT stamp set along with a set of dies that l know will be used so often. The stamps and dies are by Whimsy Stamps and they are some of the best ticket style stamps that you would wish to find. There is also a set of bottle cap stamps with a matching die too. As you can see by the centre of the flower on the card, it looks just like a bottle cap - a perfect embellishment!


1 A4 size card blank (this can be made by yourself or one that has been bought) - you could reduce to 8ins x 8ins but it would feel a little cramped, so this is a BIG card project

Whimsy ticket stamps of your choice, along with the matching die

Whimsy bottle cap stamps of your choice, along with the matching die

1 A4 print out of the provided paper that’s free to download here

Light brown paper to do the stamping tickets on

Small off cut of gold mirror card

Packing string and pure cotton bias ribbon

Large darning needle

Good strong wet glue/good strong clear glue

Stazon ink (for the mirror card)

Old tea bags and coffee grains

Normal crafty items ie tape, glue pens, metal edged ruler etc.


Once you have printed out the backing paper (which is one of my own designs made for this project, so please read the angel policy on my blog), secure it on to your A4 card front and put to one side. As the paper has already been given an edge treatment, you don't have to worry about edging the card. Saying that, if you wanted to take a dark brown Ink pad and run round the edge then that's the only edging you need to do.

Now then this is the getting messy bit - it's also a good part! Put the kettle on and boil some water. Then, in an old container, pour in some of the boiled water and add some tea bags, followed by the pure cotton ribbon and string. Don't forget to make yourself a cuppa at the same time! As the ribbon and string are cotton, they will take the tea dye and then become re-coloured. Leave them for an hour or so or even over night. When you're happy with the colour, take out and place into a plastic tray or in an empty washing up bowl. DO NOT WRING DRY!!!!!

Now then, while it's still wet, take a few grains of coffee and just sprinkle along the ribbon. The coffee will become wet and then soak into the ribbon giving it a deep brown flecking. After an hour, pick up the ribbon and scrunch up in your hands and then squeeze as much water out as you can. To dry, place on some old tea cloths that you're not to worried about and then iron dry. Take the string and also squeeze dry and iron as is. You want the string to be creased and crumpled as it's got to look old and used. While your waiting for the ribbon and string to be dyed, you can do your cutting and printing.

Taking the brown paper and the ticket die, cut out 16 ticket blanks and then stamp using the ticket stamps of your choice. Then, taking a small piece of card trimmed to an approx. 2ins circle (you could use a punch but don't worry if you do not have one), start to build up the flower. This flower is built up in layers of 4 and just build up each layer with the wet glue, following the diagram below.


When the flower has been layered place aside. Now then, this bit is a little tricky as you're going to be stamping onto a shiny surface. StazOn is the best ink for this kind of stamping. Tape the bit of gold mirror card onto a surface with easy lift tape. Then swipe with anti static bag and stamp the mirror card with your chosen image. Try to stamp from above and try not to move sideways, as the mirror card will slide about. Clean your stamps right away with a StazOn cleaner to protect the stamp and give longevity to them if your using this ink. Then when the stamped card is dry, using the bottle cap die, cut it out.

Now for the building up. Secure your cotton ribbon onto the card - you want to cut the ribbon so that it's flush with the card. Don't wrap round the card, as if you do, the next part will be very hard to do. Unfold the card and then on the centre edge, punch 5 holes using the width of the ribbon as the overall distance. Then pick up your string and thread it through the darning needle. Thread into the card from the front and pull through leaving 8ins on the front. Wrap round the front of the card and stitch through the next hole. Continue until all holes have been used. Bring to the front center and trim so that you have 8ins left on both ends ofthe string. Bring to the centre and wrap the right end under the string. The left side is also brought under the string but from the base. Carefully tie a knot and bring all the string into a bunch so that they look like they are ‘fanning out’ from a centre point. Secure and then measure to the base of the card and trim. You want to unwind the string so that it looks frayed. Using a good strong clear glue, place the ticket flower over the centre of the knot and you can also place some glue to give support to the flower top and base. Place onto the card and leave flat to dry. There you have it, a card you can give to any man!



  1. love the ticket-flower!! brilliant idea!
    cool baxkground too.
    thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for the background paper. Neat flower, great idea.

  3. That definately is crafty! What a fabulous card.

    Great to know you have a blog. I love shopping with you everything arrives so quickly.

  4. Such a col card and wonderful paper too. TFS


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