Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Lost Coast Designs by Alan Scott

This Lost Coast Designs Stamp - Large Dress Form, was inked with Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink onto watercolour paper. It was then coloured in using Tea Dye and Walnut Stain, as well as the Vintage Photo Ink. The front of the card was built from an old package that contained a cartridge for my electronic die cutting machine. All l did was to attach with a strong clear glue, some antique coloured lace to act as a 'curtain'.

To make the card front, I placed the plastic front onto a flat surface and used 4 strips of paper make a template [see photo]. This will give you the correct opening for the card. Place this on the front of your card and cut out the middle. Remember when you're finding the centre of the card front, you have to allow for your fold or flap to secure the backing card onto the front. Mark out and cut out.

Then, taking the backing paper of your choice, cover the front and again remove the centre. Secure the front card onto the backing card.

This is now the fiddly bit - securing the plastic cover onto the front card. Open up your card and push the plastic through your opening. If it's a tight fit, look around your card and taking a crafting knife just make small adjustments, checking after each slight adjustment. When you're happy with the fit, place a thin layer of clear strong glue around the lip of the plastic container and then secure into place. Don't worry if you have small gaps around the card and the plastic lid, as you can cover these up with peel off's or some ribbon glued into place.

There you have it, a novel way to use those plastic containers that we just throw away! This trick can be applied to any plastic packaging - just make sure it's clean and not damaged too much.


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